era by knivesOUT

Initially, this doesn't promise much. Texturing is plain, lighting is washed out and what detail there is gets in the way of smooth player movement. You will find playability is surprisingly good for such a small map. It makes up for the lack of eye candy.

There are plenty of open areas where the Rail Gun is all powerful. Jump-pads and transporters keep extremes accessible. There are some unnecessary aspects such as the water pools that serve no purpose other than to impede you. Weapons and ammo are reasonably plentiful and the map's item placement remains nicely balanced. If you're after a map that plays well and with a good layout then this map is worth the download. If the map must also look good you may want to skip it. Bots have no major problems.

The author seems to understand game play and just needs to focus on the visuals. The next map by this author could be great!

Reviewed by Europa.

Ranked: 1.1 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: era by knivesOUT