Mustaine Return
Mustaine Return by LordSquart

3 different versions of the map are included in this fine release. The 'MP' version (Maximum Power), that includes ONLY the BFG for a weapon. You do not spawn with it however, you have to find one. Although that usually doesn't take long it is a drawback. As with all BFG levels the design of the map is less important due to the power of the weapon but it was still fun for a bit.

The Tourney version is probably the best of the 3. The level design, item layout and weapon placement are really conducive to a good 1on1. Even with the Quad exchanged for a MH it was still easy to dominate bots with the MH/RA combo; human players are a bit harder!

The third map is a standard FFA that I found quite enjoyable with about 4 other bots/players. Items/weapon worked out a bit better and it was a little less possible to dominate with the RA/Quad all the time.

The author gives credit to the original version, Mustaine Madness by Tom "Paradox" Mustaine, one of the first levels reviewed on ..::LvL and possibly the first custom map release for Q3A.

Bots played okay.

Download it and see what you think - its worth it.

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (39 votes)

Download: Mustaine Return by LordSquart