Safari by Futureprobe

An African-themed level with an abundance of leopard and zebra textures. The mostly horizontal layout is comprised of a building complex with several courtyards connected by hallways. The courtyards contain boulders and surreal trees, one of which has a tree-house. Rich textures and African background music work well to create the theme although the leopard-skinned ramps are a bit much. Ladders are implemented with invisible jump pads.

Once you lower your brightness the lighting looks fine, with full sun in the courtyards and torches giving a moody light to the interiors. Game play and item placement are good, a bit slow with 2 but 3-5 players will keep the action moving. Bots seem to play the whole level, and two custom bots are included: Zebra (a zebra-headed Hunter) and Gepardo (a leopard-skinned Klesk).

Download it for the unique African atmosphere.

Reviewed by Comic Relief

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: Safari by Futureprobe