Wings of Satan
Wings of Satan by bryant777

Wings of Satan is a first work from the author, and unfortunately it shows. There are some notable novelties. For instance: The Red Armour that takes careful timing to pick-up without being killed by lava or compression. A BFG pool that closes up and forces the player to race to the bottom to reach the Personal Teleporter and escape. If you find the Flight power-up, you can fly to the top of the level and snipe all the people below with the Rail Gun.

There are lots of dark and generally useless areas in the map that a player can get lost in. With more experience authors generally learn to avoid making dead areas and relying on gimmicks to make their maps fun. This one is strictly a novelty map. The main room is just too large and clumsy to navigate quickly.

A novelty map.

Reviewed by Pure Imaginary.

Ranked: 2.7 out of 5 (6 votes)

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