Lunar Landings
Lunar Landings by Scancode

A future-tech styled map with a consistent theme. According to the txt file it was built in a week but it is a clear demonstration of mapping skill. Game flow is great. The map seems large for duel play but it becomes clear that it has been designed with Tourney in mind. The map is basically two tiered but there is plenty of height variation to keep things interesting and high speeds make for some cool jumps. The bots play well and are happy to steal away the 2 armours that are the key items of the map. All the weapons except the BFG are present and the variety of fighting environments mean that all are used and weapon switching is vital in competitive matches. One minor niggle is there is perhaps two much ammo with running out rarely being an issue.

Aesthetically the map is gorgeous. There is a nice use of curved platforms and some original textures. The lighting is perhaps a little dark. Spotlights further strengthen the theme. All topped off with a funky purple nebula skybox. FPS were >40 throughout on my celeron 500 with a bot in.

That rare combination quality layout and nice graphics.

Review by Dan M, aka verbal

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (17 votes)

Download: Lunar Landings by Scancode