Metal Harmonics
Metal Harmonics by keditok

A tech based map with clean and simple lines. Five rooms surrounded by easily accessed ledges overlooking each room. There is no place to hide or camp for long. A room containing a teleport and the MegaHealth sits directly under the grate of the main room. The room is protected by a grenade trap Jump pads abound and give the level a quick fluid movement with plenty of air time. Most ledges allow for easy leaps to other nearby ledges allowing for so cool vertical air play. Trick jumps from bounce pad to bounce pad are easy and fun.

Ammo and weapons placement is very nice keeping you moving around the map. Item placement is fine but the level is a bit health heavy. shards and the red armour or just a bounce pad away. The only nitpicks I had was with the pair of doors on the ledge with the red armour that seem to be scenery instead of doors, and the entrance to the lower MegaHealth room is not readily apparent.

Bots play the level fine, even using the grenade trap button! Map comes with Ureial but add one more for fun, or another for frantic game play.

Yessir it's worth the download.

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Second opinion

Metal Harmonics features the classic set of Tourney items you will be used to, giving everyone their favourite weapon. The level looks a bit thrown together; some parts are quite nice and obviously thought out while others (e.g. ceilings in the middle hallways and the ever annoying door textures on walls) seem to lack attention. Item placement focuses 90% of the action in half the map. Once you have got the RL, this side of the map just doesn't offer enough attraction to make you stay. The room containing the MH can be completely cut off by a good opponent. You'll quickly become tired of the overuse of grating. Bots are ok, though they sometimes get jumppad happy.

A none too impressive Tourney map; only if you're desperate.

Review by Octovus

Ranked: 2.3 out of 5 (10 votes)

Download: Metal Harmonics by keditok