Jumping to Contusions
by pjw
Jumping to Contusions by pjw

A very sweet looking large map, set on both sides of a canyon. pjw creates a nice atmosphere with the use of stone, iron, wood, and a good use of ambient sound effects. A lot of the textures and models used are credited to some of the most skilled mappers listed on ..::LvL, so it's kinda like all of your favourite maps in one as far as aesthetics. As for game play, you almost never know when or where you might encounter your foe. There's even a good bit of vertical game play involved to keep you on your toes.

Connectivity is increased via a pair of teleporters, and another one that... Never mind you should find this out for yourself! Even with ten players the map still seems very vast, and this can do a number on the r_speeds that peek at about 12K with several players in one area. The rendering does seem to average at 3K with nobody around though. Item placement is almost perfect; you have a Quad, Haste, and MegaHealth to go for. The level also features all weapons excluding the BFG, and all are placed fairly evenly through out the level. Bots play just fine, but tend to focus on the larger side of the canyon.

Get it now.

Reviewed by MajorDick

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (18 votes)

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