Platform6 by Cyben

A realistic Downtown/Office location (albeit floating above a tropical lagoon), provides a new twist on the basic Floater map. This map is a shining example of what Radiant can achieve. Featuring payphones and toilet stalls (both of which operate as handy teleporters), a subway-like underground tunnel section, and even rooftop action, this map covers every base. There are 3 major powerups, 2 of them hidden out of the way and difficult to reach. Bot play is great: they use every area, even the roof and underground, although they won't go for the Quad and finding the secret location for the Invisibility secret location is totally beyond them. Item placement seems to be just right: game play is kept moving around, creating a unique Deathmatch environment. A three-player DM creates a tense, strategic game, while up to 6 or 7 bots make for a gib-filled frag fest. Overall, nothing seems lacking or out of place, a perfect score in every department. I hope to see a lot more from this author.

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Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (55 votes)

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