Lucid Enigma
Lucid Enigma by Dubbilan

With flexible game play and an unbeatable atmosphere, this map is a keeper. An ancient, crumbling facade on an atrium-style facility houses a neat combination of tech features and Gothic-style textures. Custom textures and models add to the ambience. Excellent item placement propels game play around the map. Tourney games are tense and exciting, 4-player FFA is still fun. Bot play is top notch, although, the bots seem to occasionally get stuck around the bounce pad leading up to the RL ammo (underneath the RA), and the RG room saw more bot traffic than it logically should have.

One for the Tourney/FFA stash on everyone's hard drive.

Reviewed by Mr.MoNoPoLy

Second opinion

An incredible level, where a great deal of time and attention to detail has created one of those rare maps that transport you to another place and time. To quote the readme the map is a "Small very vertical Tourney map with a combination of a dark castle-like atmosphere and weird green technology". Dubenigma drenches you in atmosphere, and then stuns your senses with an attention to detail few id maps can lay claim to. From philosophical quotes on the doors, custom jump pads, custom lighting, to the curving, confining, bedazzling main hall the map screams professionalism and suggests an uncanny ability with Radiant. Great item placement, layout and that rarest of all treats - Impressive Game-play. All the eye candy will fade slowly into the subconscious as the map takes you unobtrusively into the realm that we all love - frag-fest.

The map plays best as a lan map 4 - 8 players optimum. Bots play ok, but definitely concentrate on the rocket launcher ( as do the stupid humans ! :> )

Download it, then visit the authors site and get the rest of his maps.

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (60 votes)

Download: Lucid Enigma by Dubbilan