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Cellars by Europa

Unfortunately, this map doesn't really work. I say unfortunately because the author obviously has a good understanding of architecture and texturing, as demonstrated in the upper areas of "Cellars" which feature a suspended ramp and some fancy brushwork. What the author lacks is a feel for game play, especially when it comes to item placement. There are tons of personal teleporters, and weapons can often be found right next to each other or with a handy stockpile of ammunition nearby. Three (count 'em!) 50 health's are placed together on the floor of one room. A skeleton in a closed box full of lava looks very freaky and adds a bit to what ambience the level has. Bots find their way around ok, though they focus on the Quad room. Frame rates are quite low for a level on which there is really no excuse for slow speeds.

Not at all worth your while, but if someone out there would like to help Jon with a few things, the author's next work could be worth looking twice at.

Reviewed by Octovus

Update: The download now includes an .arena file. (12.Apr.2003)

Ranked: 2.5 out of 5 (1 votes)

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