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Cellars by Europa
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Tig Rep. 844
#6   03 Jul 2011
@SW12: Try GtkRadiant 1.4 then. Also, if you feel like living on the edge, give ZeroRadiant (GTKRadiant 1.6.1) a try: zerowing.idso.../developer/1.6.1/
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1740
#5   03 Jul 2011
Believe it or not, bad texturing just encourages me to try and make a map again.

Oh wait - I can't. texture problems with GtKRadiant 1.5. Grrrrr. >:(
Edited: 03 Jul 2011 AEST

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Europa unregistered
#4   04 Sep 2001
I usually publicise betas in the RTD Forums but I think I will use LvL as another option.

I will have one soon I hope but have framerate probs in a particular area (where have I heard that one before!).


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Octovus unregistered
#3   03 Sep 2001
Hey, nice to see someone who can take releasing a not so perfect map without either

(A) Dissolving into a sobbing heap admitting they suck and will never map again

(B) Saying their too good for us and insisting no one realises how great they are :-) Though that might be true, you never know ;-)

Tetzlaff is exactly right...you have my e-mail link too, I'm always happy to try something a mapper wants to throw at me and I'm normally much "nicer" about it (just obviously if you ask Lvl to review it you get what you ask for..kinda...since it wasn't Tig or Mandog who did it, but oh well)


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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   03 Sep 2001
You´re wellcome in the LvL beta section with your next map ;)
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Europa (Jon Wells) unregistered
#1   03 Sep 2001
It's all true!

Gameplay is not my best point. This map received NO beta testing at all (I was too lazy - sorry!)

Frame rate issue - If someone wants to take a look at the map file they're welcome to teach me a few things.

Item placement - Hmm yes, overkill perhaps.

Hope it's not too bad though and some of you will play it.

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