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Zero Hour
by Juz
Title : Zero Hour
PK3 Name : juzdm3.pk3
Date : 9th January, 2001
Author : Julian 'Juz' Priestley
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : www.planetquake.com/juz/

Thanks to : id Software, Beta Testers, Senn

Beta testers : Bal, GrindSpire, Tigger-oN, MarsMattel, SystemKrash, Kingping,
Smithers72, ShoveL, Speedy-Racer

Addtional Info : Zero Hour is based on a waste processing plant theme,
using Senn's excellent T8DM6 texture set, as well as a
few of my own textures.

Final release (09.01.01) - Some brush overlaps fixed. Couple of clipping tweaks

Beta ver. 3 (08.01.01) - Some small texture changes and tweaks. New texture on
teleporters. Some doors removed. Tidying up of brushwork.
Also fixed a couple of unsourced lights and fixed some clipping.
Removed a brush which seemed to be there for no reason at all.

Beta ver. 2 (07.01.01) - Layout changes, teleporter/slime room added. Vat room reworked.
Added detail, sounds. Some entities repositioned for more
balanced play.

Beta ver. 1 (15.11.00) - Original map from scratch

Other Maps by Me : juzdm2 - De Profundis (Q3A)


* Play Information *

Game : Quake 3
Bot Match : .aas Included
Deathmatch : 1on1/3-5 FFA
Teamplay : No
Capture The Flag : No

* MAP Information *

BSP Name : maps/juzdm3.bsp
Shader Name : scripts/juzdm3.shader
Textures : textures/juzdm3/*
Sounds : No
Extra LIGHT : Yes
VIS level 4 : Yes
Known Bugs : None

* Construction/Compilation *

Base : From scratch
New Textures : Senn's T8DM6 textures, couple of my own.
New Shaders : Senn's T8DM6 shaders, slime, electric tech.
Construction Time : Couple of months on and off.
Editor used : Q3Radiant (build 202), GTKradiant 1.1
Qutilities : Q3MAP
Other utilities : Q3build, BSPC, Photoshop 5.5
Compile Machine : Athlon 850, 256MB
Compile Time : 21 minutes, 16 seconds

* Copyright / Permissions *

All textures in this level remain property of their respective owners.
You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without
explicit permission of the author!
You may distribute this BSP in any electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) but you may NOT by any means use it to gain money.
If you paid to get this, then you got totally ripped off! =)

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