-----------------------------------------------------------------// 11.18.2000 ---

title : Kummerfeld
file name : eFDATtourney2.pk3

author : eFDAT
email address : **email removed** - I really appreciate feedback!

websites: : selfdestruction.efdat.net
selfdenial.efdat.net (for quake related stuff)

map description : Kummerfeld is a rather small, fast paced arena-style
map for two to four players. I tried to obtain a
maximum of gameplay fun by using a quite mellow style
without any surpluses. I hope you enjoy the map. I
don't recommend any specific type of play - tourney,
teamdm and ffa are equally facetious. So just play
what you like best...

thanks : id, the www.quake3world.com level-editing forum people,
1ke, Alexander Malmberg for Quest

beta-testers : DruZli, Niptlar, pjw, Tigger-oN, xfoo
(big thanks to all of you!)

---------------------------------------------------------------// construction ---

editor used : Quest
known bugs : Bots ignore the red armor.
build time : 7 days - and a beta-phase of three weeks
compile machine : p3/450
compile times : 27 seconds - bsp
2366 seconds - vis
1858 seconds - light (extra)
121 seconds - bspc

------------------------------------------------------------------// copyright ---

You're allowed to redistribute this level via electronic media such as Internet,
and free of charge. Any commercial use without a permission is prohibited.