by Bal
Title : Disinformation
BSP Name : Bal3dm3.bsp
Author : Benoit "Bal" Stordeur
Release Date : November 23, 2000
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : www.planetquake.com/bal
Game : Quake 3 arena DM
File size : 3.7 Mb

Description : Not much to say on this map, took me quite a while to finally decide to release it...
Some kind of space station built around an asteroid, dont ask me why theres gravity
cause i have no friggin idea =) The map is rather dark, and for those of u
who play with very bright settings, the trims may seem a bit pinkish, kinda sucks

Additional Thanks to : Robert duffy, for Q3radiant, kick ass editor
ID for quake1, and for a pretty 3d engin...
The cool people in #terrafusion
Nehahra team, for kickin major ass
Pete Parisi (www.badmeat.com) for all the cool textures
Oak (www.planetquake.com/oakshiro) for making me that cool satellite dish model!

Beta testing : Friction, Vondur, Yogi, Alcatraz, Zippie, Auhsan, Deathmonger, Nanospawn
and feedback Frib, Cybear, and anyone else ive forgotten
(yeah, thats right Grindspire, even tho u gave me feedback i didnt put ur name in
cause u sux0r, HAHAHAHAHAH SUCK ON THAT!!;)
Thanks guys!

Other stuff : Dont hesitate to send me feedback! and please tell me if u review it or
put it on a server...

Previous work : [Q1] Baldm1 - Horror at Red Hook
[Q1] Baldm2 - In The Vault
[Q1] Baldm3 - Tainted Meat
[Q1] Baldm4 - Eternal Life
[Q1] Baldm5 - When the Beast Prevails
[Q1] Baldm6 - Scrap Metal
[Q1] Baldm7 - Black Feathered Wings
[Q1] Reinc5 - Somewhere in the Vast
[Q3] Bal3dm1 - Ash Rain
[Q3] Bal3dm2 - Golconda
[Q1] Baldm8 - Dying Embers


* MAP Information *

New Textures : I think theres only textures from meatpak... I modified 1 or 2 shaders tho...
New sounds : nope

* Construction *

Base : from scratch
Construction Time : Around 2 week
Build programs : q3map
Build Time : to long
Compile machine : P2 400mhz, 128mg RAM
Editor used : q3radiant!
Other programs : psp5, q3build, curry...
Known Bugs : Its a q3 map

* Copyright / Permissions *

All textures in this level remain property of their respective owners.
You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without
explicit permission of the author!
You may distribute this BSP in any electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) but u may NOT by any means use it to gain money.
If u paid to get this, then u got totally riped off! =)