Map Info
Map name : Q3Fort
Map filename : Q3fort.bsp
Release Date : 31th of August , 2000
Author : GregQ (**email removed**)
Game mode : Free for all
Bot support : Yes

New textures : No
New sounds : No
New music : No

Description : This is a fort . There are prison , lake , trenches and
graveyard around the fort and there are 6 tower and
hotel/headquarters in the center of these towers .
Thanks to : Id Software , quake3world editing_forum guys and WIEBO DE WIT
for OVERKILL! map (where I found an example of readme.txt file)

Editor used : Q3Radiant 192
Construction time : Month
Compiling time : >12 hours
Compile machine : PII350 , 128MB RAM [DIMM]

Unzip q3fort.zip into your Quake3/baseq3 directory.
Execute Quake3 , drop down console and write : /map q3fort.
Or Go to Multiplayer and select q3fort map .

Quake III Arena is a registred trademark of ID Software , Inc.
You can do with this map all that you want , but you will need
to modificate it contact me via e-mail .