Q3Fort by GregQ

A military fort within a perimeter fence with fog filled trenches, a graveyard in disarray, gallows, barracks, sniper towers, and flooded catacombs. What it amounts to is a very, very large box map. The mapper has used bounce pads around the edge to try and speed the flow but its just too spread out, with too many dead ends and pointless sections. Item placement doesn't help. There is no real reason to go into sections like the barracks, the flooded catacombs, or the basement room full of crates. Features like the open grave which you need to rocket jump or plasma climb to get out of are really irritating, especially if you aren't tooled up. Frame rates take a serious dive in a number of sections and gameplay - umm.. no comment. Bots do play the map but you know they are going to be spending quality time in features like the trenchs.

Lots of work to create a map that's not really worth downloading

Ranked: 2.7 out of 5 (8 votes)

Download: Q3Fort by GregQ