Chances are
by jrp
jrpdm1:Chances are Quake III Arena Map

------Important Stuff------------------------------------------------

TO PALY: Place jrpdm1.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/ directory
Start Quake3
Press the "~" key to pull down the console
Type "map jrpdm1" at the console

NOTE ON MAP NAME: "jrp" is me, the author,
"dm" stands for DeathMatch and
"1" means that this is my first map

------General Information--------------------------------------------

Date : Jan 20 2000
Title : Chances are
Map Name : jrpdm1
Filename : jrpdm1.pk3
Author : jrp
Author Email : **email removed**
Home page :
Description : This is a space/gothic map (when you see it, you'll
get it). It tries to capture the charm of the space
map in Quake3Test (aka Q3DM17). It also has an
element of chance. For more info read the Q&A later
on this this file
Previous Maps : None. This is my first public map. I've done some
Quake, Quake2 and Half-Life maps, but none were
published (or finished, for that matter), being
that so, I would like
any feedback (good or bad) about this map. Tankyou.

------Credits and Thanks---------------------------------------------

- All the playtesters
- All the tutorial writers
- All the people involved in this game
- You, for playing my map.

------Play Information-----------------------------------------------

Deathmatch : Yes
Tourney : Yes
Team DM : Yes
CTF : No
Players : 2 to 5, but not more than 7.

------Q & A ---------------------------------------------------------

Q: Why is there a Mega Health inside the teleporter?
A: That is what I call "bate". It was the only way I could find to
make the bots go in there.

Q: When I used the teleporter with the Mega Healt, I was teleported
into a strage place, and then died. What's that about?
A: The teleporter with the mega Health leads to the "Big Blender in
the Sky". There you will play Russian Roulette. You have four
posibilities: You can be teleported to the little sniper house on
the other end of the map, you could be spit into the void (aka "The
Bad Place"), you can be catapulted into the "Moving Platforms", or
you can be dijested.

Q: How can I get The BFG floating in the sky?
A: By palying Russian Roulette (see previous question)

Q: Why is your english so weird?
A: it's my second language, and it's rusty.

Q: I found a bug! I found a bug! what should I do?
A: e-mail me (adress at the top of this document).

------Map Information------------------------------------------------

New Textures : no
New Sounds : nope
Known Bugs : None that I know of (except that the bots wont use
the "Big Blender in the Sky" as much as they should


Base : Zero
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Compile Machine : P3/300; 120MB RAM; TNT2 Ultra
Build Time : 5 days with learning ant testing
Compile time : about 10 hous
Playtest time : not enough


Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH
NO MODIFICATIONS!!!. If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE

This PK3 may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS
systems. You are NOT authorized to put this PK3 on any CD or
distribute it in any way without my permission (Thow If you ask me,
I'll probably say yes).