Title : Deviant
Filename : deviant.pk3
Author : Thearrel "Kiltron" McKinney - Level Design
Pitchshifter - Music
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : Q3A level created for the promotion of
Pitchshifter's new CD, "Deviant"
Special Thanks : MCA Records, Pitchshifter, id Software

---Map Information---

In collaboration with MCA Records & Pitchshifter, The Mean Arena has
developed the official Pitchshifter Quake III Arena map for the
promotion of their new CD titled "Deviant" Which will be available
May 22nd.

Requirements : Quake III Arena v1.17
Map Name : Deviant
Supported Settings : CTF
Bot Support : Yes
Players : 6-12
New Textures : Yes
New Music : Yes

Note: The deviant.aas file has been included for bot play.
No need to create one. This level contains a sample of
the track "Condescension" off of Pitchshifter's new CD "Deviant".

To find out more about Pitchshifter, their new Deviant CD, and/or
other Pitchshifter titles, please visit them at:

To find out more about MCA Records, and their other associated
artists, please visit them at:


To run Deviant, unzip the deviant.pk3 file to your
quake3/baseq3 folder. Then in Quake III Arena's console, type:
/map deviant. Or select the game type from the Single Player menu.

----Addition Copyright Information----

You cannot use this map as a base to build new levels.
Please, create new maps on your own from scratch!
Do not include these files in a mod, dm pack, or any
release you call your own, without my permission, or
permission from MCA Records, and Pitchshifter.

This file can be distributed freely, as long as you
keep the .pk3 & .txt file with it, unaltered, and intact.
If you wish to include this map on a cover disc with
a magazine or alone, please contact me, MCA Records, or
Pitchshifter prior to. I am more than likely to give
permission for such aspects.

de·vi·ant (dv-nt)

Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society.


One that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior
and attitudes differ from accepted social standards.


----Where To Obtain Our Files----

To obtain your copy of the this map, please visit
our website. Please send feedback!

**email removed**