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The Gate of Dreams
================================================================ Title : The Gate of Dreams PK3 Name : nm3dm1.pk3 Date : 16th April 2000 Author : Prophet Email Address : **email removed** Home Page : www.boneprophet.de Description : This time I placed great efforts in design AND Layot (people that played nmdm4 know what I'm talking about :). Before I started building I spent quite a time with looking on Willits' maps and custom Maps on Q.I.C. and lvl that had that gothic style. I tried to use what i've learned. Btw: Mr Willtis didn't really care for aligning his textures, did he? Whatsoever... The map's designed for 2-5 Players although with 5 it gets quite hmm... hectic. Best suited for 3 or 4, I'd say. Weapons featured are RL, LG, SG, PG, some ammo for these babies a combat armor and a teamed Quad/Haste. Health is only found in 25 or 5 items, and some armor shards are scatterd throughout the map. Bots are: Orbb, Uriel an' Hunter, and, as far as it concerns me, I'm quite satisfied with the combination, 'cause tey'll blow the hell out of you in Nightmare. trust me, They'll give you a real challenge. For a more tactical game remove one of the bots. Additional Thanks to : sorb, mcleod, rat_scabies, natestah, cactus jack pjn, anduu[HAR] an' saguardoman for playtesting Previous Work : nmdm3 - Nightmare House Q2DM nmdm4 - Chapel of Ministry Q2DM ================================================================ * Play Information * Game : Quake 3 Bot Match : Route Included (optimized aas) Deathmatch : 1on1, 2on2, 3-6FFA Capture The Flag : No (obviusly not... ) * MAP Information * BSP Name : maps/nm3dm1.bsp Extra LIGHT : Yes Full VIS : Yes * Construction * Base : from scrap New Textures : Nope New Shaders : Nope, none Construction Time : 10 weeks (or so...) Testing Time : 2 weeks Editor used : Q3Radiant (builds 179 to 181) Utilities : Q3MAP, BSPC Known Bugs : One of the curves in the "two Tier Room" looks broken when playing at low geo. Don't know how to fix that, though. However, this appears in some of the id maps, too. * Copyright / Permissions * You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. You MAY distribute this PK3 in any electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD, etc) as long as you don't take money for it, include all files intact in the original archive, and never include it in some bloody level collection or sort of other shit that you want to sell to some unexpecting newbie. (I hate those *&%!@ crap unofficial "expansions") * Where to get this level * www.boneprophet.de
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