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**************************************** Title : mfspacedm1 Game : Quake III Arena (v1.16n or better if you want to use botinized ID guys) Add ons : none required Mods : none required Author : TheMic - Mike Fayol Author Email's : **email removed** Author Web Site's : Currently Under Construction - www.michaelfayol.com Feedback : PLEASE SEND IT!! Release Date : April 12, 2000 Files : mfspacedm1.pk3, mfspacedm1.txt Maps : **************************************** * Description * Small space level good for fragging with 4-8 players. Under single player (skirmish) mode total 5 players, 4 Bots and yourself. Lots of hidden stuff, more enjoyable to play against friends. But that's my opinion with all FPS type games. **************************************** * Play Instructions * To play, use the game menu and select skirmish. Select Free for all (FFA) mode Select Mfspacedm1. The default bots for this level are the ID guys and gals; doom, visor, mynx and sarge. I believe that you must have v1.16n or better to use this level with the ID guy bots. **************************************** * Tips * From time to time the bots tend to bunch up in one area, either the pit or a corner platform. Try not to cheat to much, it helps gameplay if you add an extra bot with the skill level at atleast hardcore or higher. **************************************** * Play Information * Game Modes : FFA 4-8 players Difficulty Settings : No New Sounds : No New Graphics : No Demos Replaced : None **************************************** * Credits * Everyone at the Gamedesign.net Forums - For helping a poor sole out with there experience and knowledge. Q-Workshop 3 site - for all the tutorials. SYLUM ENTERTAINMENT LTD. - for all the crazy ideas thrown my way and giving me the hardware to do the job right. AND once again: Everyone in the editing forums at gamedesign.net. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ **************************************** * INSTALLATION * Unzip mfspacemd1.zip and place mfspacedm1.pk3 and mfspacedm1.txt in baseq3 directory. **************************************** * Soon to be Released levels by author ***** Quake III Arena ***** MFUNHOLY MFDM1 **************************************** * Construction * Base : From scratch Construction Time : NA Editor Used : Q3Radiant * System * Dell Dimension XPS PII 450 128 MB Ram * Compile Data * * Known Bugs * NONE * Design Philosophy and Discussion * This Technically is my third finished level for Q3A. My first level will never see the light of day outside my own computer, unless I become crazy. It was just a bunch of tutorials thrown together to make a level. My second level is MFUNHOLY which I will be releasing within a weeks time. It is a good level for fraggin, need atleast 6 players to be fun. MFSPACEDM1 is my third completed level, and to date my best effort. I was in a rut, working on two different levels at one time and I came upon a space level that was so simple I said that I had to do a simple space level myself. So one weekend, in the mix of two projects I decided to create this level. The overall design and game play was done within' two day. Although it looked rather plain. For the next week, as my friends at SYLUM Ent. ltd. played with the level, I began to make it look "prettier" adding lighting effects and more visual pleasing shaders and textures. This is the final product. I didn't want this to become a 3-5week project, I just wanted something small and fun to play, and well I believe I achieved that. As for the layout design. Everyone I know loves any level that has a lot to do with Jump (launch) pads. So I thought about having an area enclosed where that's all there would be, nothing but Jump pads. At first I had a room, ceiling and all but it was to confined, and I like to snipe people from far away, it's the only thing I am good at in FPS games, so I took the ceiling off and increased the power of the Jump pads so that occasionally heads would appear out of the "pit" and well if you have the rail gun and good aim, it's sniping time. I added the floor around the pit for insult to injury, not only are you now stuck in the pit jumping around aimlessly, but now someone is standing on top of you and shooting at you. I realised that after being caught in the pit at one time or another no one would want to go into and avoid it at all costs, so I made a few Jump pads from the surrounding platforms MAKE you go into the pit. Now you have no choice in the matter. As For BFG and Quad Damage item placement, well, I wanted them to be surprises for everyone, I don't think they are hard to get at all; once you find them that is : ) Well that's it, happy fraggin' * Copyright / Permissions * Feel free to post and play this level. Please do not change any file associated with this level.
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