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House of Dissent CTF
House of Dissent CTF by Eraser ============================================================================= Title : House of Dissent CTF Date : 06/02/2020 Filename : map-ermap4ctf.pk3 Author : Eraser Email Address : **email removed** (yes, that says **email removed**) Description : Large CTF map Mods required : None ============================================================================= - Play Information - Gametype(s) : CTF Players : 10 Bots : Yes Weapons : SG, GL, RL, LG, RG, PG, BFG Powerups : YA, RA, MH, Quad Damage, Medkit ============================================================================ - Developer commentary - To create this map I basically took the existing ermap4 layout, duplicated it, mirrored it and glued them together. One part of the map is connected through a new central area. There is a small alcove at the center of the map, behind two doors. The BFG and Medkit spawn in here (both have their respawn time set to 60 seconds). By shooting the targets above the doors, a barrage of rockets is fired into the alcove, killing anyone that stands close. ============================================================================ - Construction - Base : Based on ermap4 Editor(s) used : GtkRadiant 1.6.6 Additional Tools : Quake ToolKit, Paint.NET, UltraEdit-32/Notepad++ Textures used : Base Texture set ============================================================================ - Contact - Eraser - **email removed** Engines of Creation - www.theenginesofcreation.com ============================================================================ This map is 2020 by the author and may be freely distributed. It may not be sold for any financial gain or otherwise.
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