WARRIORLAIR - Quake 3 Arena map -
TITLE: WARRIORLAIR - by JonnYReds - Author: Rino --- Franciacorta --- Italy
email: **email removed** - sites.google.com/site/jonnyredsmaps

EDITOR USED: Q3Radiant_200, Paint shop pro, Editpad, Pakscape


GAME TYPE: ffa_tourney_team

FILENAME: warriorlair.pk3


WEAPONS AND POWER-UP: Rocketlauncher - Lightning - Railgun - Shotgun - Plasmagun
Body Armor - Combat Armor - Quad Damage - Megahealth -
BOTS: Ranger - Uriel - Daemia
Notice: "Warriorlair" works if you put in baseq3 the file
mapmedia.pk3, that is included in the rar file.

I created this map realized in various draft, when I had various ideas.
The result shows a mixes of different places, the bas-rilief of the warrior from
the hall with columns, it is with a Jump_Pad that makes flying near the ceiling,
towards the upper floor. There are strange places and various, also some flights
of steps on many places, you see paintings on the walls, of these one hiding a secret!
Indeed is a picture of a real painting, is hanging in my house and it's made by me :)
I was very pleased with the final result, "Warriorlair" is one of my favorite creations

Unpack the file, you will find a PK3 file, put it in baseq3 directory.
to start game go to the skirmish menu maps, choose the map.
Have Fun!
Warriorlair l'ho realizzata in step differenti, cio quando diverse idee mi balenavano in testa.
Il risultato mostra un mix di luoghi differenri tra le varie zone della mappa. C' il salone
del guerriero con le colonne, qualche gradinata e un Jump_Pad proietta dal lato opposto.
Vi dell'arte appesa ai muri, di cui un particolare dipinto (realizzato da me, appeso in casa)
il quale cela un segreto. C' il Quad Damage, nel luogo della torre energetica. Questa mappa
ha diverse texture e qualche suono nuovi, mi ha soddisfatto molto sul risultato finale.
Direi che "Warriorlair" tra le mie realizzazioni preferite.

This map and artwork are my personal works, realized for fun and passion,
and are available for free for players that love this great Classic game Quake 3 Arena!
Only on required written I can consent you to make modifications to my maps.
You are not allowed to commercially exploit this maps and mods for profit in any way,
including on a cd rom or any other medium that. You may distribute this through Internet,
provided you include the .txt file included in each my map, leave the archive intact, and
do not charge a fee for access to this files.

Quake III Arena 1999 Id Software,
are the authors and trademarks of their respective owner.