q3sg1a, q3sg1b, q3sg1c

Filename: q3sg1abc.pk3
Mapnames: q3sg1a, q3sg1b, q3sg1c
Author: Jarosław /Camel-XP/ Jakubowski
Gametypes: CTF, TDM, FFA, FTAG, CA
Version: Finished
Website: www.q3sg.eu
Email: **email removed**
Release Date: 9.11.2014
Game: Quake III Arena
Game Mode: Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Freeze TAG, Clan Arena
Mod: additionally made for mods such: ExcessivePlus (www.excessiveplus.net) and Excessivedawn.
(spawnflags 32 key make in these mods func_door entity to be totally silenced)
Build: Completely Original From Scratch (castle side structure and textures used from the "r7-nemixrun07" map)
Build Time: Many months with lot of breaks in time, splitted to a 3 stages: 1) work on stargate model/concept. 2) work on map concept. 3) map optimization for best game play
Editor used: GTKRadiant 1.5.0 (recommended one)
Compile options: -meta, -vis, -light -fast -filter -gamma 1.50 -patchshadows -super 2
Compile Machine: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.22 GHz, 2Gb Ram, NVIDIA GeForce 210
Compile Time: q3sg1a/q3sg1b: 25 minutes or so, q3sg1c: 15 minutes or so
Total Brushes: (q3sg1a: 10437) (q3sg1b: 8404) (q3sg1c: 5862)
Total Entities: (q3sg1a: 1259) (q3sg1b: 1063) (q3sg1c: 645)

Programs used: GTKRadiant 1.5.0, Q3map2Toolz, Q3map2_fs_20g compiler, Photoshop, Fotocanvas, SoundForge.

New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
New Music: None
New Models: Yes ( ASE models compiled into bsp file)
Bot support: available for q3sg1b and q3sg1c
Full graphics: type in your console /exec sg_full, it will load full gfx for you

Requirements: minimum memory needed: com_hunkmegs 256, recommended 256 or more: 512, 1024.
type in your console /exec sg_memory, it will switch to more memory on your cfg, don't forget to reboot quake3 after that.


First official maps for the Quake III Arena Stargate Project map pack
A little explanation about map and it's names included in this pk3
each map has no name, they are simply called q3sg1 and assigned the alphanumeric letter

q3sg1a: first version, contain fully functional STARGATES that needs to be activated by DHD console in order to be able to pass thru
contain also original RING TRANSPORTER teleports that needs to be activated before you can teleport to the other side
This version doesn't come with the BOT SUPPORT and to be able to even run it properly some of the map areas had to be deleted such:
Underground sewer passage on the BLUE SIDE and on the desert part the ability to go to an standalone island surrounded with the shield has been blocked
so by deleting some brushes and entities the map loads without crashing.

q3sg1b: second version has BOT SUPPORT and opened all the additional passages, simplified STARGATES and all the teleports so the bots can play normally.
STARGATES are always opened and can be blocked for a short amount of time by the SHIELD activated by the button for each side.
TELEPORTS are accessible all the time without the need to activate them.

q3sg1c: third version has BOT SUPPORT as well and contain only one side of the map with broken STARGATES :)
this version works as a normal map style, you are no longer spawn with full of weapons, items and weapons are placed in a normal way for pickup.

q3sg1a and q3sg1b are created for different game style, you spawn with all the weapons except RAILGUN & BFG, you pick up ammo and health/armour from multiple placed PICKUP points that gets it inventory from the single entity
that solution needed to be done to limit the number of entities for those 2 type of maps, otherwise both of them would crash because of too many entities.

The Red Base underground chambers were made from the MGM Stargate TV series: "Stargate SG1 s02e11 The Tokra-Part 1 & 2"
Crystal texture used on the corridors was used from the one of TV series episode and converted to fit the map.
Watch those episodes to compare my tunnels with those in the TV show and let me know if I made a good work on it :P
I've been watching also some maps for GMOD and the poor quality of those tok'ra tunnels, so I wanted to make them to looking like as much similar as possible :)

Ring the big Bell on the blue base to bring down the LIGHTNING bolt, stand on the center in the moment of Bell rings to be TELEPORTED into random places on the castle side to get into specific places a little bit faster
Lightning teleporting works only on q3sg1a and q3sg1b, while on q3sg1c it's just additional detail that does nothing as looking nice and making the noisy sound :)

On the castle side you can block one of the main passage by the heavy stone door, while on the desert side you can block 3 additional passages
although they can be bypassed by 2 different routes, I'll leave it up to you to find them out.

You are also able to travel faster to the BLUE BASE, just use unconventional route passing by the little cave to reach the underwater stream
it will lead you straight to the BLUE BASE, but watch out, you will fall into large outdoor swimming pool surrounded by the enemies :)
it's up to you to get out from it as soon as possible and reach for the flag.


The partially architecture of the castle map was used from the "r7-nemixrun07" map
although I dont know it's original author, but I give him full credits for his amazing job on it
I couldn't resist to convert that "speed run" map into an playable one for either CTF/TDM or FFA game types.

Some of the textures/shaders used from Sock <simonoc.com>
Some of the Water texture/shader used from "dmeat_sp02b" by D-Meat <dmeat.free.fr/blog>
Lightning bolt effect used from "Estatica" by Cardigan


Distribution / Copyright / Permissions Copyright

(c) 2014 Camel-XP

Contact: **email removed**

All rights reserved.

Quake and ID are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

Quake 3 is developed by id Software Corporation.

All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

You should not use this map as a base to build new levels.

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current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY.
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