Q3 Stargate pack source
Title : Quake III Arena Stargates Source Extended
Filename : q3sg-source-extended.pk3
Author : Jarosław "camel-xp" Jakubowski
E-mail : **email removed**

] Play Information:

- Whats new: renewed Stargates model including new textures by: David Gian-Cursio <www.gian-cursio.ne...ce-information/>
- Rebuilded Chevrons model
- Added .map files of Stargate & Chevrons to edit freely and convert into .ase models
- Fixed minor issues with the stargates like proper dial up chevrons activation

- Use the DHD control panel to activate the stargates to travel between the two parts of the map
- Use Ring transport teleporter to travel to the additional parts of the map
- Use Asgard Teleporter to travel to the additional parts of the map
- The map has character of example map only, not for a normal game

] Description:

Game type : All types
Player load : 64 or less ;)
Respawn spots : some ;)
New Sounds : oh Yes :P
New Graphics : Plenty of them :>
New Models : Yep (included .ASE in maps folder)
Known issues : You might increase your com_hunkmegs, disable dynamic lightning to prevent gfx lags when shooting projectiles onto the stargates model, well atleast I've noticed that on the Excessiveplus mod.

I wanted to add also dynamic lights when stargates are open, but all I get was single spots of lights barely visible and glitchy as once spawned they used lot of FPS gain.

] Author:

Name : Jarosław "camel-xp" Jakubowski
E-mail: **email removed**
Home : www.q3sg.eu - if website is unavailable try just google me out by example keywords: "Quake3 Stargates" or look me at Youtube, channel name: camelxp

] Credits:

- None, I made all by myself, gratz to me :)
- 15.10.2014 update: big thanks to Tig from the lvlworld.com for pointing obvious missing textures/sounds in that release
- problems fixed with paths to some textures/scripts and sounds that pointed to old directory sg1 instead of sgs_ext specially for this pack
- problems were made by automatic mappacker, it is crucial for anyone to double check all his work manually instead than rely on automatic process =)

] Copyright / Permissions:

Copyright (2014) by Jarosław "camel-xp" Jakubowski. All rights reserved.

This package is open source project and may be distributed by means of any electronic transfer
You may modify the content for your needs
Keep the original author name untouch and remember that while distributing any of your own stargates map in future.