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Opposing Teams
Quake III: Team Arena level ================================================================================================= Title: Opposing Teams Author: CZghost Modification: Team Arena Gametypes: CTF, OneFlag CTF, Overload, Harvester Original author: PaN61 About level: Made from level Opposing Force BETA 2 release Player loads: Space level for 3v3, 4v4 Textures used: ID Software's modified textures by PaN61 ID Software's original textures Models used: Neutral spawnpad by me (vortex texture modified ID texture) Skybox used: Nebula 2 by ID Software ================================================================================================= How to play: # Unzip the map-czq3p61ctf1.zip (If you have directly PK3, just skip) # Place map-czq3p61ctf1.pk3 into your /missionpack folder (Team Arena installation) # Select way you're matching: ## Open up console by hitting ~ on keyboard ## Type "/g_gametype #typenumber" without quotes (select one of these numbers) ### 4 - CTF ### 5 - Oneflag CTF ### 6 - Overload ### 7 - Harvester ## Press Enter ## Type "/map czq3p61ctf1" OR "/devmap czq3p61ctf1" (for cheats use) without quotes ## Press Enter ## Select your team ## Add some bots (with console or by GUI - your opinition) ## Enjoy game ;) # OR ## Hover the button PLAY ## Select Start Server ## Choose one of gametypes there written: ### Capture The Flag ### OneFlag CTF ### Overload ### Harvester ## Select map "Opposing Teams" (or "CZQ3P61CTF1" if have longnames dissabled) ## Select some bots to play ## Hit the fight button ## Select your team ## Enjoy game ;) ================================================================================================= Map construction: Editor: GTK Radiant 1.5 by ID Software Map base: Opposing Force by PaN61 Model editor: MilkShape 3D Compiler GUI: Q3Map2Toolz by Lanzelot (GUI) & Hr.O (program code) BSP compiler: q3map2.5.10 by ydnar AAS compiler: bspc 2.1h by MrElusive Compile time: BSP - 13 s VIS - 35 s LIGHT - 2 min 55 s BSPC - 1 min 41 s Editing time: 7 days ================================================================================================= Permissions / Disclaimer: Original release of level (Opposing Force by PaN61) has been used as source for this map. You should ask PaN61 to edit his level because THIS release is closed and more edits are unavaible. Thank you, CZghost ================================================================================================= Release Date: 14th/April/2012 (BETA 2) Quake3Arena CTF level. ____________________________________________________________ General Information Title: Opposing Force File(s): p61ctf1.pk3 Author: PaN61 Email Address: **email removed** URL: N/A Level No.: 1st Level Description: A Large sized map. Good for 4vs4 or 5vs5 matches. Possibly even 6vs6 resulting from the size. Anything lower than 4vs4 would tend to the direction of emptyness to the maps gameplay aspect. ____________________________________________________________ Play Information Free For All: No Team Deathmatch: No Tournament: No Capture The Flag: Yes Bot File (.aas): Yes (Optimized) Other: No New Sounds: No New Graphics: Yes (Modified ID Software Textures).* New Music: No New Models: No How To Play: Place p61ctf1.pk3 in your /baseq3/ folder Start Quake 3 Arena Press ~ Type /map p61ctf1 Type /addbot <botname> <skill> Press ~ (To clear the console) OR select p61ctf1 from the skirmish menu * Modified ID Software textures to CTF coloured ones. Textures are available in my P61CTF1 CTF Texture Set. ____________________________________________________________ Construction Information Base: From Scratch* Editor(s): GTKRadiant 1.5.0 Other Programs: Q3ASE 1.5.3, Q3map2 2.5.16, 7-zip 4.47, Notepad, Photoshop 7.0 Build Time: Around 14 weeks Brush Count: 2679 Brushes Entity Count: 237 Entities Known Bugs: Bots rarely go for Red Armor. Compile Machine: 1.5GHz Intel Pentium M, 512MB of RAM Compile Time: 27262 seconds (Total) -bsp: 10 seconds -vis: 122 seconds -light: 27101 seconds .aas: 29 seconds * .map file is included within the .pk3. ____________________________________________________________ Special Thanks To... ID Software for Quake 3 Arena Bert Peers for Q3ASE ydnar for Q3map2 The Radiant Community for GTKRadiant Adobe for Photoshop Quake 3 World: http://www.quake3world.com/ ..::LvL: http://lvlworld.com/ My beta testing and technical support team at Quake 3 World and ..::LvL. Anyone else whom I may have forgotten. ____________________________________________________________ Copyright / Permissions / Distribution Copyright (C) 2012 PaN61, **email removed** All rights reserved. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. You may distribute this level via electronic means in its current state, at no charge to the recipent(s). It must contain this .txt file without any modifications. Under no circumstances will this level be distributed on CD-ROM without prior written permission. ____________________________________________________________
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