Wildberry Poptart
by ACS
Filename: wildberrypoptart.pk3
Author: ACS
Genre: Scavenger Hunt

Custom textures/shaders: yes
Custom sounds: yes
Bot support: no (no .aas)

Players: 1

*How to install:
Extract the ZIPFile into your baseq3 folder (you want the .pk3 to reside in baseq3)

*How to play:
/sv_pure 0
/devmap wildberrypoptart
Pick map from deathmatch skirmish menu


This scavenger hunt-style puzzle map was originally inspired by "Poptart" by NaturalSpringWater, and later by Kris Barnes' "CinnamonPoptart". I realize that by being the third map of this type it lacks the uniqueness factor, however, I think is still has some cool new things to offer, and also, can there really be too many poptart maps?
Wildberrypoptart is the product of my first mapping experience: 20 hours spend per day on GTK radiant for 3 consecutive weeks. The map features 101 objects scattered throughout a 2 story Hotel. The objects are obtained either by touching or shooting them, and they range in difficulty from very easy to extremely hard, with the Wildberry poptart being the most difficult. Much emphasis was placed on interior decoration, particularly texturing.

It is recommended that you play with texture detail set to the maximum. Also: /god and /give ammo are recommended.