*** This maps is designed for FFA, Quake 3 ARENA***

Title : Orichalciane
File name : "Orichalciane" and "orichalcianebot"
Author : Scorn
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : FFA super fighting map
* Play Information *

Single Player : Yes
Cooperative : Yes
Deathmatch : Yes
Bots : Yes, with "orichalcianebot" mapfile
* Construction *

Base : New
Editor(s) used : GTK 1.1
New Textures : Yes some of my own work, also textures from Neotech, Marsbase (Evil texture pak).
New Model(s) : no
New Sounds : No, just 2 jungle loop samples and a temple loop sound for the UltraCube.
New Music: : No
Known Bugs : Hope nahhh
Build Time : Bout 8 hours


The important idea of this map is to present a great science-fiction world. There are 2 monolithes, a slow rotating UltraCube
, 2 Orichalciane Technologies, and some hiden features... The slow rotating UltraCube represente à superforce, like a material god,
that hold with strange forces the health of the planet. The Orichalciane technologies are the great complexes geométrical formes, they
represents some old forgoten extra-terristrial super intelligence... The monolithes are based from the Kubrick's masterpiece movie :
A Space Odyssey 2001. More information : There are 2 mapfiles in this Pk3. Orichalciane, and orichalcianebot. one with bot, and the other
one whitout bot. The map version for bot doesn't have the secret rooms and the Great technologies ( Because of the curves density.).
The gameplay runs very fast and wihtout bugs...

Orichalciane : Science-fiction word that is based on the mythic "Orichalcum" material from ancient civilsation. look for à dictionary or
wikipedia for more detailed informations.