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Manic Depression
====================================================================================== Author: Henrik"StjartMunnen"Bjork(Anomali Level Design) Date: 2009 02 27 URL: www.henrikbjork.se/leveldesign.htm mailadress: **email removed** Bsp name: anodm4.bsp Map name: Manic Depression ====================================================================================== Constuction time: 10 days in a months time Compile time: 50 min Tools: GTKRadiant 1.4, q3map2Toolz ,PSP compiling system: AMD 3000+ 64 bit,2.5GB ddr,NVIDIA GeForce 7800 gt 256 mb ====================================================================================== Gametype: FFA, TEAM Recommended playerload: 3-10(recommended 5-7) Botsuport: Yes Items/Weapons: 2 RL, 1 RG, 2 SG, 1 LG, 1 PG, 1 GL, 1 RA, 1 YA, 5 armourshards, 6 health, 1 health(large), 1 health(mega), 2 health(small), Quad Spawns: 23 New sounds: No New texture: Various New models: No ====================================================================================== Thanks to: ID software For a great game! Levelmakers.com For a wonderful forum.Thanks to all who helped me at the forum. Levelmakers is by far the greateast source of inspiration to me when it comes to mapping.( www.levelmakers.com) Planetquake.com Keeping the scene alive lvlworld.com Keeping the scene alive Myth Betatesting phantazm11 Betatesting Anwulf Betatesting Shazooo Betatesting SolidFake Betatesting N00bster L4D Ownage! Everyone who had something nice to say about the map. ===================================================================================== ===================================================================================== Hope you like it Signing of Henke"StjartMunnen"Bjork
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