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SubAir Reloaded
================================================================= Date: April 15th 2009 Title: SubAir Reloaded File: subair.pk3 Author: Victor "DaEngineer" Karp Email address: daengineer [at] gmx [dot] de Blog: victorkarp.wordpress.com SubAir Reloaded is based on a map I've made a long time ago. I used new textures, new shaders, different music and soundeffects, corrected many mistakes I had made concerning the brushwork and altered a lot of structures. Subsurface Airflow, the old version of the map, looked like the cliché sewers of Hollywood. Now it looks a bit like the cliché evil scientists hideout. ================================================================= Play information Tourney: yes Deathmatch: yes TDM: yes CTF: no Bot file (aas): yes new sounds yes new graphics: yes new music: yes How to play: Place subair.pk3 in your baseq3 directory. The map is selectable in the skirmish menu. ================================================================= Construction Editor: GtkRadiant 1.5.0 Other progs: q3ase, q3map2toolz, MS Paint, Paintshop Pro 8 Build time: I don't know how long it took me to make the old version of the map. The improvements were done in less than one week ================================================================= Credits Music: The background soundtrack is called "{factory}" and was made by Ian "cornandbeans" Slider. You can find his newgrounds profile on cornandbeans.newgrounds.com/. The song itself can be found on www.newground...udio/listen/64061 Textures: In SubAir Reloaded I've used textures of the texture packs "evil6" and "evil8", made by Yves "evillair" Allaire. These textures were taken from his website www.evillair.net The textures in the subfolder "subair" which is contained in the subair.pk3 were made by me. ================================================================= Thanks to... ...the whole q3ase team, I never learned how to use shaders without your handy tool ...Ian Slider and Ives Allaire. A big thank you for sharing your work for free ...id Software and the inventors of the GtkRadiant. ================================================================= Distribution / Copyright / Permissions Copyright (c) 2009 DaEngineer All rights reserved. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. Uploading this level to ANY website is PROHIBITED without prior written permission. =================================================================
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