SubAir Reloaded
SubAir Reloaded by DaEngineer
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BoricuaRetroGamer Rep. 84
#6   10 May 2012
Excellent map and great textures!
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RedOne Rep. 87
#5   12 Aug 2010
Very good map. Also loved the easter egg.
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Ch1ef unregistered
#4   10 Jun 2009
Oh, and sorry for the Easter "eag" in the review. Damn Internet...MOAR,GAWD,NAO... you know what i mean? :D
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#3   29 May 2009
this is a perplexing map. the easter eggs are nice but not enough reason on their own to download and play this map. there is too much novelty here (plus clipping issues) for it to be a tdm or tourney map + 1 of the easter eggs takes time to get out of, enough time for an opponent to be waiting there for you when you do (in which case after you have been there and done that there is no reason to go back - a good easter egg is 1 that is really hard too find and rewards you with health, a camping spot or a shortcut of some sort) and item placement is dodgey - the regen room needs weapon or ammo to rebound back from more so than 25hs and the layout is linear - running round in circles (q3tourney1) and straightlines. it lacks the vertical element. if you spawn in the ya room at the bottom of the map there is only 1 way out - not good if someone is waiting with the rl and you should really be able to ascend the ladder to get out - its more a muck-around lan map but does have some nice graphical/visual elements (teleporters and water for egs).

Edited: 29 May 2009 AEST

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DaEngineer Rep. 71
#2   29 May 2009
Thanks for the review - I like to see people enjoying my map =)
@ cityy: Maybe there will be a German version of the video for my next map (there's already a new project). About the walls (the part you wrote in German, for those who don't speak German): I really didn't notice it's possible to walk through them oO I'm going to fix this as soon as possible and scale the images you can see on the monitors down (they're quite huge) to reduce the loading times and the size of the pk3.
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cityy Rep. 375
#1   29 May 2009
I was visiting your homepage and watched the video you made about the map - really good feature if you ask me. Maybe you'll speak english next time so that everyone can understand it.
I think it's very good what you've created here - looks great, I love the Easter eggs g and the music but I can't really say that it's a keeper.

It would be great to see something more compact - I'm waiting for a next release and a next map video ;)

Btw: Jeder der Spaß daran hat in Wände zu rennen sollte versuchen von oberhalb des Jumppads in eine der beiden Wände zur Linken/Rechten zu springen ;)

Edited: 29 May 2009 AEST

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