Platform M26, Hibernia, North Atlantic
title : Platform M26, Hibernia, North Atlantic
version : 2.1
release date : Mar 2005
filename : hibernia.bsp
author : gloogun
email address : **email removed**
website :

Extract the .zip to your /baseq3 directory

[play information]
game : Quake3Arena
type : ffa, tourney
players : 4-8 recommended
bot support : yes

custom textures : yes
custom shaders : yes
custom sounds : yes

editor(s) : GtkRadiant
construct time : ver 2.1 : 1-2 years
: ver 2.0 : 1-2 months
: ver 1.0 : 1-2 weeks
other tools : Photoshop, Q3ASE, Textpad
known bugs : Bots have tough time getting out of the water

[thanks to]
hawken, rsol and team gtp
ydnar @ shaderlab

This extraction facility in the Hibernia oil fields of the North
Atlantic has become the scene of a hostile takeover which could
lead to an environmental crisis!

Players must infiltrate the complex and attempt to control the
interior and 2 observation derricks. A Seaking Naval helicopter
provides air support.

This on-again, off-again project has been laboring on my hard-
drives for several years now. First baselined in Aug 2002, it
was later integrated into a MOD I was making at the time. That
MOD eventually died, but not before teaching a group of artists
and designers the meaning of passion and hard work. For over a
year it languished, until I had the free time and presence of
mind to convert it back into a standalone map. The lessons alone
were reward enough, but I still hope someone gets a kick out of

This map makes use of many custom resources, the origins of more
than a few which I've long since lost track of. I've credited
where memory serves me best, but to those I've overlooked in the
process: please accept instead my humble appreciation. Thanks to
the community for making such kickass stuff over the years.

This map and some of its resources are Jeff Malvern 2005

You may not commercially exploit this work, ie. include it on a
CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money, with-
out the copyright owner's consent.

You may distribute this BSP through any electonic network , ie.
internet etc, provided you include this file and leave the
archive intact.

All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their
respective owners.