House of Evil
Release Date 5/28/05

---|Basic Information|---

Map Name: House of Evil
File Name: mjkq3adm5.pk3
Author: ShadowZombie
Real Me: Michael J Klocke
E-mail: **email removed**

---|Map Information|---

Gametype: Free for All,Tourney
Bot Support: Yes (Updated AAS.File)
New Textures: No
New Sounds: No
Custom Textures: Yes (Evillairs E7 set)
Custom Sky-Box: Yes (Kell)
Custom Models: Yes (ca.recreation pack by Mr.Lycon)

---|Detail Map information|---

Not much to say in this area. This is my third recreation
of yet another great tournament map by Id software. Temple
of Pain for the TA expansion of Quake 3 was very cool when
I first played it. I thought it was a little cramped but
still had alot of play room. I opened it up a bit and really
didn't changed anything to drastic. I tried to keep like
the other two I recreated as close to the original as
possible, but still trying to achieve a sense of something
in regards to a recreation. If that makes sense to you. Well
I don't need to babble anylonger. Get in and kick some ass.

I hope you enjoy playing my map as much as I had a hell of a good time
in creating it. Thanks for Playing.



Pentium 4 2.5 (400 fsb)
256 megs of DDR Ram
Intel Extreme Graphics 64 megs


Q3radiant build 202

---|Beta Testers|---

I really want to thank all these people for their help in
making it possible for my map to reach it's final release.
Thank you.


Among those who have tested my map and did not reply with
any feedback. Thank you as well for at least trying it.
Astrocreep for giving us Map-Center. Schwim and RoughRider over
at infosprite for the hosting. Thanks guys.

Additional thankx goes to Tigger-on and Mandog at LVL. This
is where my mapping journey began. I can never say it
to much. Thankx for all the help and advice you have
given me in the past.

---|Legal Stuff|---

You (CAN NOT) use my map as a foundation to build another
You (CAN) distribute my map as long as everything contained
in my zip.file remains intact and unaltered.
Anything else you might want just e-mail me with any
question you my have in regards to my map.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Quake 3 Arena is a copyrighted trademark of Id Software Inc.
1999-2000 All Rights Reserved