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Simmetry In Chaos
================================================================================ * QUAKE III ARENA LEVEL INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE : Simmetry In Chaos FILENAME : sic.pk3 AUTHOR : Vadik e-Mail : **email removed** DATE : 18/03/05 GAME PLAY TYPE : TOURNEY FFA TEAM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL DESCRIPTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Was not intended as a tourney level and is not, although reccomended load is 2 players. It's enough to have good deathmatch. Three is bloody mess and fun. You can try four players, but five for sure is overload, the map is really tiny. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHMATCH : 4 Player Respawn Points SUGGESTED PLAYER LOAD : 2 BOTS : Templar WEAPONS : shotgun(2), rocket launcher(2), railgun(2) POWERUPS/ARMOR : Red Armor, Regeneration, Quad Damage, Invisibility, Invulnerability -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CONSTRUCTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITORS USED : GTKRadiant v1.4 UTILITIES USED : WinZip, Q3Map2 Toolz, Wordpad KNOWN BUGS : Bots don't like taking powerups, although they can. And, of course, don't expect them to shoot the button, targetting the crushers. And, if they stand under a crusher, they don't seem to know it is dangerous. But these are minor bugs you won't notice during the match. COMPILE MACHINE : P4 1.5Ghz, 512mb SDram, WinXP, RADEON 9500pro CONSTRUCTION : a month -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS OR INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just extract sic.pk3 into your baseq3 directory. Type /map sic in the console, or go to skirmish menu and select SIC. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CREDITS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- id software for THE GAME quake3radiant.by.ru for a load of useful information Oak Shiro for Flame model Max_Evil for testing:) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * COPYRIGHT/PERMISSIONS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (2004) by Vadik. All rights reserved. This package may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer, free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. All the files included in the original package must remain intact and unmodified. This package may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without the prior, explicit written consent of Vadik.
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