TLQ3Dm1 - Blood, Sweat, and Frags
Title : TLQ3Dm1 - Blood, Sweat, and Frags
Filename : map-tlq3dm1.pk3
Map : tlq3dm1.bsp
Release Date : September 26, 2004 Final

Author : Truthful Liar
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : N/A

Description : Q3A - Dark medieval setting
Game : Quake 3 arena DM,tourney
File size : 5.02 Mb


Older alpha map PK3 Name tlq3dm1, tlq3dm1_beta2, tlq3dm1_beta3_rail, tlq3dm1_beta4

Other Levels by Author : First Quake 3 map so far. :)

* Instructions *

1) Extract map-tlq3dm1.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/ directory
2) Start Quake3
3) Map will be accessable from the menu either under single player skirmish or multiplayer.

* Play Information *

Settings : Deathmatch (FFA) / Tournament
Bot Support : Bots are fully supported
Level Name : TlQ3Dm1
Single Player : Bots (5 bots recommended)
Deathmatch Player : Yes (13 respawn points)
Difficulty Settings : Bots again

* Construction *

Base : From scratch

Editor used : GtkRadiant 1.4.0

Map compiler used : q3map2 2.5.15

Other Utilities used : Photoshop, Wordpad, Q3Map2Toolz

Build time : Started in August of 2003. Lots of time broken up with the work till it was finished. Total time is impossible to tell. Finished in 2004.

Map build system : AMD Athlon 2200+ 1.8Ghz, 512 DDR Ram, Win XP

Compile machine : Same. --^

Compile Time : Roughly 2 hours total.

BSP -meta -samplesize 4 -v
VIS -v
LIGHT -light -bounce 4 -bouncegrid -bouncescale 2 -dirty -fast -fastbounce -patchshadows -samples 3 -shade -shadeangle 90
BSPC -forcesidesvisible -bsp2aas

New Textures : Skybox made by myself.

New Models : Chain model by Mikael AKA Maverick - **email removed**

New Shader : Just the skybox.

New Sounds : None

Known Bugs : Sparklies?

* Notes *

This started as a small map that I was making to play on a LAN.
It turned out a little on the large size for one on one play.
It still works for one on one with my playing style...
Although it's called a tourney map there are three bots in the arena file.
There is good reason for this if you play against one bot you will soon rule the map as bots are still a lot on the dumb side.
Thus three are needed to give you a surprise and challenge.

*Extra Map Info*

Total Brushes 2451
Total Entities 348

Ammo Amount
Bullets 2
Cells 2
Grenades 2
Rockets 2
Shells 2
Slugs 1
Lightning 2

Weapons Amount
Grenadelauncher 1
Plasmagun 1
Railgun 1
Rocket launcher 1
Shotgun 1
Lightning gun 1

Items Amount
Armor body 0
Armor combat 2
Armor shard 15
Health 5
Health large 1
Health small 15
Quad 1 This has a count of 15 seconds
Megahealth 1
Spawnpoints 13

*Even more map info*

info_null 13
info_player_deathmatch 13
info_player_intermission 1
Item_botroam 5
Func_group 70
Light 112
misc_model 40
path corner 2
Target_position 8
Targer_speaker 16
trigger_hurt 2
trigger_multiple 4
trigger_push 4

* Credits (In no order) *

Beta tester's
With out them I wouldn't have been able to finish this map as nicely or smoothly at all. :)

For the technical help, botplay advice and an incredible eye for the smallest of details. Awesome assistance. :)

For his intuitive item/weapon placement ideas (made the map 10x better) & the map's longname "Blood, sweat and frags" (I was lazy so I took it, thanks Tod. :p)

For even checking out the map and helpful tips.

For the thumbsup. :)

For constantly looking (more like deep searching o.O) at the map and giving me something to do, even when I thought I was done. :)

For the support and for offering his chain texture, sorry for not using it in the final build Skin!

For his general assistance, beta testing and advice regarding the looks and lighting of the map. Thank you. :)

& Everyone at the Quake3World Level Editing forums -

* Legal Stuff *

This level is (C) 2004 Truthful Liar.

You are not to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial
product without first obtaining permission from the author. You may not mass
distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited
to compact disks, DVDs and floppy disks.