Ostentatiously Organometallic
Ostentatiously Organometallic by Michael "laerth" Daugherty

Released: 08.02.2004
Game: Quake III: Arena
Mode: Deathmatch
Email: **email removed**
Homepage: www.planetquake.com/cc

Installation: 1. Copy lae3dm3.pk3 to x:\quake3\baseq3\
2. Load Quake 3 and from console (hit tilde key) type "map lae3dm3"

Credits: schmorky - testing
redmund - testing
ydnar - q3map2
Q3W forums - testing and advice

Description: I began this level in 2001 as foray into abstract architecture
and put it aside after finishing the layout and lower floor geometry.
In 2004 I realized the map still had potential so I finished up the
majority of the walls and ceilings, playtested it with bots and a
few friends (I highly recommend 2 humans vs 2 bots teamplay), posted
a beta on www.quake3world.com forums for advice, and released it.