The Gantlet
Level: The Gantlet

Author: "..::WHAT!?"

Contact: **email removed**
I recomend 4 - 8 players for this level. 1 on 1 is fun if you have another human :)

The level was very much inspired by "The Gantlet" by id software for DooM2.
Me and my freinds used to loose hours Death Matching on that level.
I needed to bring it back!
Brushes: 2,318

Entities: 103

Compile time: 1hr 33min 14sec
Thanks to Tabun who was kind enough to let me use some of his textures he created for the Generations Arena Mod.
Thanks be to Evil Liar for releasing his Evil1 texture set, Great textures.
Also thanks to Ricebug who created the DooM2 for Quake2 mod.
...And still another thanks to the Doom2 Re-Texturing project team, some of their work can also be seen in this map.

- Also let it be known that this is about 90% my level as I used Ricebugs .map from his Q2 version of the Gantlet as a starting point.
However I have put MANY hours of work into this and I don't hesitate to say that its mostly my work you are seeing in this level.
- Legal stuff
You are free to distribute this level how you like.
I would also like an E-Mail letting me know where you intend to host the level so I can check out the website myself ;)