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In the days since I found God
date: July 2003. Quake3 Arena level ==================================================== title: In the days since I found God file: dk_dig.pk3 author: dONKEY email address: **email removed** URL: donkhome.tripod.com description: Quake 3 Arena level ==================================================== play information skills 0,1,2,3: no tourney: no deathmatch: no CTF: yes Bot File (aas): yes other: no new sounds: no new graphics: no new music: no new textures: yes how to play place dk_dig.pk3 in your /baseq3/ folder start quake 3 Arena Map should appear in the skirmish menu or... hit ~ type \map dk_dig type \addbot <botname> <skill> hit ~ (to clear the console) ==================================================== info: I'm hoping this might be a final build. The construction of this level has been a learnig experience for me. This is the largest project that I've undertaken. The layout is not ideal for CTF, but nevertheless it plays fairly well. Bot play does present some issues and is far from perfect, but has improved a lot since the first beta. The level has a grungy/base style (may be mining facility, that sort of thing), set in a post nuclear conflict era. ==================================================== construction base: none editor: GTKRadiant 1.1.1 other progs: Q3Tool Kit know bugs: The big TV's have a real hit on frame rate, I like them but might need a rethink. build time: Not to bad...so far about 2 months (and a stay in hospital!) ==================================================== thanx to ... id software of course!...All those at Map Center and Q3W who have tutored and guided in such detail, ensuring the next map will be better! Textures, models and shaders by id software, Evil Lair, Undulation, Kabal, Cardigan, r3tina, Nunuk and me. I must appologise for the lack of credit given for the sandstone textures and the TV model...if they are yours, let me know and I'll give credit were it is due. The cool sky box is by Justin Fisher. I'm sure I've forgotten somebody...again let me know and I'll give credit. ==================================================== Distribution / Copyright / Permissions Copyright (c) 2002, dONKEY, **email removed** All rights reserved. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION. ====================================================
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