made by me, hoboc1de, with alot of help from:

aeon, for some last second pointers
chibi, for helping me test the item setup
mr.bob, for sucking my butt out (its true)
killjoy, for installing q3 only to find out he lacks a cdkey
and the folks at the quake3world level editing forum of course :D

this map plays really fast, since its rather small.
the MH is key to winning in 1v1, and its on a normal
1 minute timer, with the 2 ya's on 30 second timers.
sound plays a HUGE part on this map as well. with
a good set of ears you can know where they are
from most places on the map. i think itd make for
a good 1v1 cpma map as well considering its the
size of most popular cpma 1v1s. hmm bots play like
youd expect them to.. and theres no new textures,
just modified old ones.

theres a lil peephole next to the GL that lets you
see the RL and tele.. a lame/effective tactic is to pop
a gren or 2 in there as you pass by, or as youre
just grabbing the GL.. also a quick way to grab all the items is
to first get the YA by the GL, run to RL, rj up, grab the
other YA, drop down into the tele, and nab the MH..
really sucks if your enemy pulls this off right after the
round starts, hah.. if you play sneaky and pay close
attention to sound while the other person is trying to
control the items though, it'll give you a huge advantage,
wether you have 200 armor or none at all.