Cajun Hell
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Title: Storm3tourney5: Cajun Hell
Author: Justin 'StormShadow' Ingels
Contact info: **email removed**; #ra3mapproject on etg
Gametypes: tourney, 2v2 tdm, and FFA. CPMA is reccomended (tons of cool trick jumps) but it plays well in osp and vq3
Bots: bots are supported. They play O.K. but dont go for rg much. Human competition is reccomended
Sounds: nope.
Models: nope.
Textures: a few textures i dled from, and a few textures from the q-fraggel tex set (
Skybox: the skybox is from The Mighty Pete - best skybox guy in the biz! (
Gameplay notes: TONS (and i mean tons) of cool cpm only jumps in this one! You can jump off just about any of the light fixtures
and some of the other architecture. Check here for screenshots of the rooms, and jumps that i have identified:

If you find more jumps let me know! There are probably more that i havent identified (my cpm skillz are lacking)

Also, definitely try this in 1v1 AND 2v2.. the item placement is quite different in the 2v2 version, and you wont
get the full appreciation of the map if you only play it one way.

Cheesy Story: Its the future. All of Earths natural resources have been depleted, so mankind must look elsewhere for their
fuel needs. After searching far and wide, a number of planets were located that were determined to have vast
oil reserves. Among these planets was Cajus, a small greenish planet covered entirely by a marshy swamp - and
filled with crude oil. Initially the planet was thought uninhabited, but only months after setting up a refinery,
all of the human workers on the planet were attacked and killed by a gang of pitchfork-wielding drunken madmen in
straw hats and overalls. Rumors that the "Cajun" natives tortured, raped, cooked, and devoured the human workers
gave rise to the current nickname of the base: "Cajun Hell"
Long since abandoned, the base remains as a grim reminder of mankinds wastefulness and arrogance.

Build: GTKradiant 1.2.9, GTKradiant 1.3.8 beta
q3map2toolz (+q3map2) 0.5.12
Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (texture and levelshot editing)
GTKbuild v2.0
Arenamaster 1.2

Build Time: On and off for about a month and a half.

Compile: q3map2toolz and q3map2 - few hour compile with full light etc. on a p4 1.8ghz/256mb SDRAM

Thanks to:, q-fraggel, and The Mighty Pete for the textures, skyboxes. ydnar for q3map2 (q3map2 = ownage!)
id software for q3, q3w and for their great communities and forums

Beta Testing: (in no particluar order): BladeRunner, Hex, LiViD, +Juggernaut+, Annie, wviperw, v1l3, poub, swelt,
Pure Imaginary, AE-on, B L O T T O, Mikey, scourge34, Todtsteltzer, krekits, roughrider, Vergard, ribgib,
pjw. Sorry if i missed anyone!

Notes: This map was originally being constructed for the tiki domain mapping challenge (
The challenge stated that no more that 10 custom textures could be used in the map, therefor you get a bit of
texture repetition. I missed the contest, but decided to finish the map anyway, under the rules of the challenge
(texture limitations, etc.). I tried to make the architecture and lighting more complex and interesting to make
up for the lack of textures that i was allowed to use.

Distribution: This map cannot be distributed for commercial gain or profit, blah blah blah. Do no distribute the map without
an unaltered version of this readme file (storm3tourney5.txt). Distribute it however you like, to whomever you
like, just so long as you follow the above rules. Have fun!

Any feedback? Comments? Feel free to email me: **email removed**
Enjoy playing the map! I know i enjoyed making it.