Return to Castle: Quake

-=( Map Information )=- -----------------------------------------------

<Title> : Return to Castle: Quake
<Date> : 02/02/02 - ren 11/17/2002
<Filename> : map-20kdm2.pk3
<Author> : Michael "<|3FG20K>" Cook
<Email Address> : **email removed** / **email removed**
<Website> :
<Description> : This is an Evil7 Castle! It has three tiers,
tight spaces, and plenty of room for various

<Additional Credits> : [HFX]Evil, for making great textures.

-=( Construction )=- --------------------------------------------------

<Base> : None.
<Editor(s) Used> : Q3Radiant - Build 202 & Q3Build
<Known Bugs> : This isn't really a bug, but an added feature;
you can walk on top of the battlements.
<Construction Time> : 3 weeks.
<Compile Machine> : 866mhz PIII, 512mb RAM

-=( Play Information )=- ----------------------------------------------

<Mod> : A good one.
<Players> : 2-8 Players
<Bots> : Duh! wait, I THINK they're smarter than Forrest
Gump... You'll have to clarify that for me =).

-={ Installation }=- --------------------------------------------------

<Installation> : Unzip the the zip file into
your "Quake III Arena\baseq3" directory
Run Quake III Arena, and under console type
"/map 20kdm2" or select under Skirmish in
SIngle Player mode.

-=( Copyright / Permissions )=- ---------------------------------------

<Copyright> : You not include or distribute this map in any
sort of commercial product without permission
from the author. You may not mass distribute
this level via any non-electronic means
including but not limited to compact disks,
and floppy disks without permission from the

-=( This is the End )=- -----------------------------------------------