Storage Facility 2

*** Storage Facility 2 ***

Build: 37
Date: 5/2 2000

Gametype: Deathmatch, possibly team DM.
Bsp time: 30 min

--- Description ---

This is my latest contribution to the wonderful world of Q3 maps: A warehouse.
Loaded with weapons, ammo and portals. Watch out for the little green buttons!

--- Copyright ---

The contents of this PK3 file are copyright 2000 Wilhelm Svenselius. You may freely use the included textures and shaders for your own map, but don't be a lameass and say you made them.

--- Credits ---

Author: Wilhelm Svenselius [**email removed**]
Using: Q3Radiant 1.0 beta build 181

Thanks to: [iZ] and Rungy for some of the shaders, and tutorials.
Also and

--- What's new ---

Nuthin. Build 37 is the first public release.