I Like Your Hair Long
I Like Your Hair Long (vedq3dm1)
by vedder

To use this map, rename vedq3dm1.zip to vedq3dm1.pk3 , and then place it in your baseq3 directory. Fire up Q3, type '/sv_pure 0' and the console and then '/map vedq3dm1'

Play Quake at that point.


TOOLS USED: QERadiant 1.81

BUILD TIME: 12.5 Hours on the dot


Mad propz to TomatoMan for the feedback, and to Chupa and DogStar for pretending they gave me feedback (hehehe, just kidding guys =)

This map is copyright 2000 by Dave Vedder. You may distribute this map via electronic means as long as this unmodified readme file goes along with it, and as long as no money is charged for it.

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