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Skytown II
I N F O ------- Title : Skytown II (second edition) URL : http://id-games.narod.ru/quake3.htm Date of release : 17 August 2002 Files : skytown2.pk3 skytown2.txt Author : Anton E-mail : **email removed** Homepages : http://zelda64rus.dotnet.lv (my Zelda64 russian translation projects) http://id-games.narod.ru (my maps for Doom2, Quake & Quake 3 Arena) Description : My Quake 3 Arena map #5 was "Skytown" A gothic style floater. Islands in the sky... An idea of old ruined city, which small parts are still floats in the sky... This one is a remake/bugfixes. People asked me to work a bit more after releasing the first "skytown" (at www.planetquake.com/lvl), which has some bugs such as missing textures, etc... So here it is. Skytown #2 (changes/fixes): -textures (teleporters, tower sides) fixed now and should appear in any computer. -added new island with Mega Health -2 new islands attached to central one with 5 jumppads, making it a bit wider. -changed placement of some weapons/ammo/items -added new models - ivy (by Nathan Silvers) & major statue -added/moved around/textured some architecture -added some light to teleporter texture -flight powerup time reduced, wait (respawn) time increased -BFG left at the tower top, but with smaller ammount of ammo and longer respawn time (BFG ammo box removed). Also it now can be reached via another teleporter. -added grenade launcher (with a small ammount of ammo) -some other small changes/fixes Game type : free for all / tourney Max players : 2-6 players deathmatch. Bot support : Yes. (But better to play with real people). Sometimes bots like to get stuck near the tower entrance. This is a only bug with bots that I noticed here. But generally they fight the map well. New textures : Leaves on the ground, "Ice" skybox by 79dieselrabbit (www.planetquake.com/darkside) New models : Oak trees by GrimReaper (**email removed**) Ivy by Nathan Silvers (**email removed**) Some previously unreleased id's models, like chains. Known Bugs : I hope, no, finally :) Base : "Skytown" map Editors used : Q3Radiant b202 / GTK Radiant 1.2.9 Additional utils used : Q3 Build 1.4 Other Q3A maps by author : Towers of Death - http://id-games.narod.ru/quake3.htm Utopia - http://id-games.narod.ru/quake3.htm Lava Pit - http://id-games.narod.ru/quake3.htm Chemical Arena - http://id-games.narod.ru/quake3.htm Skytown - http://id-games.narod.ru/quake3.htm All this maps also available with reviews at www.planetquake.com/lvl ReBuild Time : 5 days with breaks. Compile machine : P III 800 / 256 Mb / ATI Radeon 32 mb Compiling time : ~ 1 hour H O W T O P L A Y ------------------------ Unzip skytown2.zip to "/quake3/baseq3" directory Run Quake 3 Arena, at the console type: map skytown2 T H A N K S TO: ----------------- Big thanks to Patrick "pjw" Williams (www.planetquake.com/pjw) for his feedback, support, help & for answering my questions. www.planetquake.com/lvl - for making my maps available to public, reviewed. www.qeradiant.com - for the editors id software - for Quake L E G A L S T U F F -------------------- You can freely distribute this level, but please, do not remove this .txt file from the .zip or .pk3 archive. Have fun. :: Anton :: **email removed**
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