In The Well of Time


Title: In The Well of Time (Q3A)
Release date: 04/02/2002
File name: LCTimeWell.pk3
Author: Larry D Crandall
Email Address: **email removed**

Map description: 2-6 player FFA recommended.


* How to use the .pk3 *

Copy LCTimeWell.pk3 to your baseq3 directory run Q3A, and find 'LCTimeWell' in the map selection screen (Multi-Player or SP skirmish).

***** Construction *****

Editor used: GtkRadiant 1.1.1
Known Bugs: Bots seem to ignore the BKG Tower..
Build Time: A year? Intermittent.
3DGraphics card: 3DFx Voodoo5 5500
Compile machine: Athlon/1000 with 640MB
Compile Time: About 1.5 hours



In the beginning the World was without form and void. And that's how it began. This project started out to be a learning first effort exercise, but ended up a full-blown level. In fact, I had to split up the level because it got too big. I'll release the other portion as a separate level if I get a good response.

It was fun creating this level, perhaps too much fun, because I kept adding and changing things around. Next time, A bit more planning might be in order, but then, it just might take the fun out of it. Oh well...

The r_speed count is a little, shall we say, 'high' in spots, but my fascination with special effects and the use of a skybox, made it unavoidable. When I first played (bite my tongue) 'Unreal', I was blown away by the organic detail. One, specifically, was the swimming fish in the ponds and lakes. I just had to include that effect. Another 'Unreal' influence that I missed in Quake3 was the green/blue water.

I developed the level using the 3DFx Voodoo5 5500 because of its excellent color saturation. I haven't seen all the GeForce cards, but what I've seen, I wasn't all that impressed with the color. There is more to computer 3D imaging than just speed. My point is some 3D cards might not display the color as intended. But then again, game-play should be paramount to everything else.

As the name suggests, the theme for this level is my interpretation of a time well. Perhaps it's too literal, but in the tradition of many artists, it's my way of poking just a little fun. The Idea for the Library was inspired by the Star Trek episode where an entire planet's population escaped their sun's going super nova by traveling into their past. The departure portal being 'The Library.'

I hope you enjoy this level and have as much fun as I did creating it.

Special thanks:

To Ken Hull a.k.a. Comic Relief, Leonard McVickers and Tom Dawson whose encouragement and suggestions made this level possible.

Long live MOO2..



Credit where credit is due. I've enjoyed many hours with the following levels and found many textures that I thought were especially impressive. Some of those textures were used in my level and have been organized, with the accompanying readme file, according to source, in the texture directory. Special thanks go to Iikka Keränen for his extremely impressive Q3 textures. A special note, the palm tree used in the 'Desert Temple' level apparently was an imported model. The textures from that model were used here, but the geometry was created in Q3Radiant with this level. The marble texture, swimming fish and candles are all yours truly along with the accompanying shaders. I would have liked to create all of my textures, but time was of the essence, so to speak...

Wood, bookcase, rugs, crystal
Title: The Doom That Came To Dunwich
Authors: Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
Rich "Zdim" Carlson
Various metal textures
Title: Rhapsody in Blue
Author: Lasse "Dubbilan" Kolding
Slate Blue Rod Tile
Title: foo3DM1 - Dry Ice
Author: Chris 'Foo' Thorpe
Evil_lair, for the textures.
Castle walls
Title: Post Industrial
Author: G A Z E B O (no other name was given)
Clock faces and Grandfather bong sound.
Title: Timeless Classic
Author: Charon
Grass and blue tile
Title: Japanese Castles CTF & DM for Quake III Arena
Author: Mike Burbidge (g1zm0)
Palm tree textures
Title: lsdm1 - Desert Temple
Author: Raffaele "LordSquart" Lattanzio
Clock ticking
Title: clock_tick.wav

* Copyright / Permissions *

As permitted by the various texture-artists, you're allowed to redistribute this level unchanged via electronic media such as the Internet, and must be free of charge. This readme file must accompany such distribution. Any commercial uses without permission is prohibited-Not that I wouldn't give permission if asked.