Theoretical Probability

"Theoretical Probability" CTF map for Quake 3 Arena (jayctf)

By Lake Trout

**email removed**


Information: I built this map because a bunch of us get together once a month or so for a LAN party, and some of the most fun we have had as a group are the "upstairs vs the downstairs" Capture the Flag games. I wanted to see if I could build a map that was both playable and enjoyable...

The title comes from a theory on which side might win the match and the probability of that happening. Just wanted something different from the ordinary "Bloody Death in Hell" theme map titles all over the place. Not that those are bad, just wanted something different.

The map: It's a large gothic setting with mirrored sides for the most part, changing some of the weapons and hazards around a bit to make it a bit more interesting. There are a lot of powerups, but again, it's a large map. I set the powerups (except Quad Damage) to respawn 4 minutes after they are taken so they don't rule game play too much.

Tips: *You have to know how to rocket jump to get the Mega Health and Haste.

*If you fall into the Full Body Armor pit, you can rocket jump out of it, so don't try for this armor without a rocket launcher...

*If you happen to fall into the center pit (No Man's Land) under the Quad Damage and are lucky enough to land on a side ledge, keep walking on the ledge until you get to a

standing skeleton in one of the corners. It will teleport you back into No Man's Land...

*I would suggest the maximum amount of players or bots for the best playing experience.


*Test/Compile machine: AMD Athlon 950, 128MB RAM, GeForce 2 32MB video card.

Bot Support: Yes, although in CTF they act loBOTomized at times...

Map: CTF only

New Textures: Only a self pimpage photo with my favorite fish. Guess what that is?? If you are interested, go into "spectator" mode and zoom into either fog pit under either flag...

Items/Weapons: Just about everything except Flight, Personal Teleporter, or BFG among others.



*Editor Used: Q3 Radiant v.199/Q3 Build/Arena Master/PakScape

*Known Bugs: None.

*Certain video cards seem to give different renditions of my map. On my compile machine with the GeForce 2, it is picture perfect. On my other machine, a Pentium 3 500, 128 MB,

Voodoo 3 16 MB video card, the lighting is kind of weird.

*Compile Time: One hour to build, a few months to make. Can anyone tell me what my wife looks like??

*F.Y.I. This is my third attempt at making a map. Each has improved exponentially...

If you have constructive criticism or comments on this map, feel free to email me at **email removed**


Map instructions:

Unzip into your Quake3/baseq3 directory. Launch the game, hit "Skirmish" and under Capture the Flag, look for my level shot, load the map full to the brim with bots or humans and have fun! That's what it's all about.


Additional Credits:

*id software for making my favorite PC game-the entire Quake series.

*Those responsible for putting out all the mapping tools.

*All those people who give their time by putting out tutorials on map making.

*The folks at Quake 3 Forums where you can ask for help and advice on your maps and they give it willingly.


Feel free to distribute and enjoy this map, but please include this read me and don't change anything unless you ask. Thanks. John "Jay" Kay