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Veinte de abril del noventa
by Huan
- HUAN3CPM1: File Information ----------------------------------- 03.05.2002 --- Title: Veinte de abril del noventa Filename: huan3cpm1.pk3 Author: Joan "Huan" Amat Email address: **email removed** Web site: http://www.4quakers.com/huan Contact: #quake-bsp-maps on Irc-Hispano (libres.irc-hispano.com) #spammers on Quakenet (irc.barrysworld.com) Other releases: Promode version of my first Quake 3 map with a bunch of gameplay changes. All of them are listed below and you better check them or you will be lost. Pak file: huan3cpm1.txt maps/huan3cpm1.bsp maps/huan3cpm1.aas scripts/huan3cpm1.arena levelshots/huan3cpm1.jpg - Play Information ------------------------------------------------------------ Description: Promode version of huan3dm1, some halls and walls have been widen, the stairs are clipped into ramps and yellow armors are green now. The MH is still on its place, but the small healths are shards with 35sec respawn and there is a new SG next to the jump pad. Some clips and details have been removed to enhance gameplay, altho it will make for a bit uglier map. Gamemode: CPMA Tourney only Default Bots: Major Item Load: SG (2), RL, PG, GL, 2 GA, MH, Shards (10), Bullets (1), Cells (3), Grenades (1), Shells (1) and 6 Spawn points. - Construction ---------------------------------------------------------------- Base: huan3dm1 Prefabs used: None Brushes: 2292 Entities: 145 Avg r_speeds: 2500 world, entities, no players Worst r_speeds: 3800 world, entities, no players Editor used: GTKRadiant 1.2.6 Known issues: You can see other rooms by rocket jumping on some places. - Pimpage --------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to: All of my friends from SpR, Kuskus and Homer (main beta testers) and everyone at #quake-bsp-maps, Auhsan, nanoSpawn, Rebel... Nubeiro for his valuable help and specially lem[KGB] for motivating me so much, for his comradeship and his useful non mapping related advices
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