dark fortress

quake3map >dark fortress< by flipmode, feb.2002

installation: extract the darkfortress.pk3file into your baseq3 folder
(located in your quake3arena folder)

editors: GtkRadiant, compiled with GtkBuild

textures: i nearly only used textures i ve done myself involving some
pics from >historical< stuff like old graves, columns etc.
(all ex. the textures for bumpers, lava and sky;
there is 1 presetmodel included, the teleport)

thx to DJXenion and the other guys at the quake3world.com forum who
helped me a lot creating the damn pk3 file

mapdescription: my 2nd attempt, a midsized medieval map ment to be played with
3 to 8 bots. dont forget to go for the mh :)
i started playing quake on dreamcast and i think
thats why i like simple, tactical and not too big maps
where u dont get lost all time. hope this 1 offers those

greetings to all old dc players, meanwhile most of em changed to pc.

contact:email: **email removed**