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Title: Invalid Transmission BSP name: jaxdm9.bsp Author: David "Jax_Gator" Cherry Release date: February 11, 2001 Email address: **email removed** Home page: www.burial-grounds.com/swamp Game: Quake 3 Arena File size: 2,045 KB Description: A small deathmatch level (2-4 players). Thanks to: Robert Duffy for GtkRadiant id for the Quake series Iikka "Fingers" Keränen for the majority of textures used in this map. sock for the small round light textures Oak for the satellite dish model Ch@os for beta server testing services BETA/PLAY TESTING: smohq P_3_T_3*OCI quint El Finko Mikey Buttmunch Commander Keen Rroff Taz_FL Felonious MogWaEE BunkeR bgclOLDWARRIOR Blood SUMOLDOOD Phucen ey The Stranger BLOTTO bgc|Rackat StormShadow pjw And all my Quake brethren over at www.burial-grounds.com Previous work : jaxdm1 - (un-released re-make of Q1 House of Chntn) jaxdm2 - Re-Gib Colesium jaxdm3 - House of Shannara jaxdm4 - Burial Grounds jaxdm5 - Deimos jaxdm6 - Kiss of Death jaxdm7 - Stranglehold - FFA jaxdm8 - Iron and Stone jaxtourney1 - Stranglehold ================================================================ * MAP Information * New textures: All textures except for lights courtesy Iikka "Fingers" Keränen: www.planetquake.com/ikq Small round and strip light textures courtesy sock: www.planetquake.com/simland New sounds: None New models: Satellite dish courtesy Oak www.planetquake.com/OakShiro ================================================================ * Construction * Base: From scratch Const. time: About 3 weeks off and on Compile machine: AMD 1.33 MHz, 512mb RAM Compile time: BSP - 6 seconds VIS - 39 seconds seconds LIGHT - 1 hour 15 minutes 5 seconds (fullvis -light -extra -patchshadows) Editor used: GtkRadiant v1.1.1 Other programs: Q3 Map Explorer v1.3 Known Bugs: None known. Email me if you find any. ================================================================ * Distribution / Copyright / Permissions * Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. Any commercial use without permission is prohibited. Authors MAY NOT decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels.
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