Added 03 Nov, 2020

HUNT is a mod that changes the A.I., familiar weapons and adds two new game modes to play. It's an old mod from the October 2002, but aged really well despite it's competition. I'm not sure if I ever learned how the tactical support system works. But even if you don't bother learning what that is, you can easily have fun with this mod.

In each game mode you can customize nearly everything. Sadly, there are no abilities any more like Quad Damage, Haste, Flight, or Invisibility, but they all get replaced by Regeneration. On the plus side, in settings you can give yourself infinite ammo, a complex cloaking device, a variant of the Grapple Hook and you can change how much health or armor you can have (1-2000 each). Being able to choose what the three monster types will look like can be very fun, especially with custom skins.

Co-Op mode includes two game types: Save the Universe and Escape from Hell. In Save the Universe players must capture however many "artefacts" (in the appearance of Quad Damages but without the ring) they can. Save the Universe mode is the favorite of many people who play this mod due to the fact you can either play on the default maps or most custom maps. Best part is the monsters do not require the .aas file to be in the map.

Escape from Hell has you go from one end of a map to another and before the latest version of the mod only had one map (Great Wall of China). The second map appears to be an abandoned mineshaft, which to me is more faithful to the game type's name. ESF has an interesting feature where Titans spawn in a "stone form" which they break out of when touched or attacked. Escape from Hell doesn't have bot support, so you will either be playing that one alone or with other humans.

In the Co-Op modes, there are three types of somewhat unique monsters. Predators are player-sized melee monsters that can jump high and turn into a cocoon and attach to the ceiling. Guards are much larger monsters that walk around or stand still armed with a rapid-fire rocket launcher. And Titans are giant monsters that seek to pummel everything in their sights, whether they be players, friendly monsters, or each other. Oh and all monsters can teleport, so hiding in the BFG room in Q3DM12 is not going to save you. The Titan in my opinion is a bit overpowered in that they will insta-kill everything they land on after a jump. Then again they are probably supposed to be. So think of the Titan as a boss enemy of sorts.

All the weapons now have a recoil strong enough to send you flying backwards with the exception of the Gauntlet, Lightning Gun, and Plasma Gun. Honestly, the fact that I can not turn the recoil off makes using weapons that have it annoying. Crouching eliminates or at least reduces recoil, which is something better than nothing to mitigate it. Just do not expect to snipe with a Railgun in successive shots.

The Grenade Launcher's faster firing makes it useful when dealing when a horde of predators are chasing after you. The Lightning Gun's damage over time is quite useful when dealing with multiple enemies, or if an enemy is escaping your grasp. But best of all, the BFG 10k fires one large plasma ball of death instead of faster-than-rocket projectiles.

The base game types play the same as regular Quake 3, except CTF. Maybe I just do not know how to use the TSS, but I can not get the allied bots to follow orders (they just follow human players around). So if you know about this mod and are planning to play it in CTF, you might want to play with other people. The versus modes add the "Monster Launcher" weapon: a grenade launcher that shoots Predator cocoons that spawn friendly Predators. Use the Monster Launcher in a Team game for maximum hilarity (or your computer freezing if you have an older system).

If you like weapons mods, game type mods, or co-op in Quake 3, I recommend you try Hunt out.

Review by KommissarReb (SW12)