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Suspended Animation
Suspended Animation by <|3FG20K>
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FragTastic Rep. 1454
#6   16 Sep 2012
I'm surprised I never saw this map earlier when I browsed through the site. Well it's not bad. Just a few little tweaks are needed then it's fine. 5.5/10
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#5   11 Aug 2001
I thought the gameplay was very good but I couldn't figure out the trick to get the Quad.

Nice detailing and texture selection. Beautiful map.

It feels like a Rocket Arena map.

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Interceptor unregistered
#4   20 Jul 2001
<|3FG20K>: I've had some of my most hilarious net games on Doom 2 playing Dead Simple, so it was nostalgia reliving the feeling again. One on one it could actually turn out for the better for a while. Too bad the intro by Juz is so harsch, probably the reason for the low number of comments for yer map.


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The Loader unregistered
#3   20 Jul 2001
really nice style with good gameplay; I liked it so let´s give a 8 :)
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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#2   20 Jul 2001
The idea of the original map I made for Q2 required all of the players to be fighting outside of the courtyard (Lava in the middle, Quad platform). I tried to make the gameplay a little bit faster with something that could be considered a courtyard (hence the similarity to Dead Simple). I know it's a box map, I made it for fun... But trust me when I say this isn't my best work =)


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Interceptor unregistered
#1   19 Jul 2001
I downloaded this map mainly to see how the textures would look in a fniished map, and they actually look really good. The map is almost a replica of the open courtyard in Doom2 and as such it does a fair job, I liked the couple of rounds I played it, but doubt I would play it for more than 30 mins per session. Ppl looking for chaos should get this one and fire it up with 6 players. Ranking equals 6 mainly because the map is a rip-off and not very large. If I remember the readme correctly it only took two days to finish building it.


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